Welcome to the Fighting Kitten project, and thanks for reading ^^

I’m a very much bored girl that loves to code. I decided to start this project with these main purposes:

1. To prove myself.

2. To learn by doing.

3. To have fun.


Fighting Kitten is meant to become a simple video game about… well, about a kitten that fights against enemies. That kitten is in fact representing me, and enemies will represent the challenges I had to overcome during my life.

Here‘s a first approach of how the main char should look like. It’s a pigtailed girl that wears a cat pajama. Due to my artistic ineptitude, art contributions are very welcome ^^’.

Well, at least, that’s the goal. But, in a more sentimental way, this game is my playground. This is the sandbox where I try all those cool features that I luckily discover and are liable to be implemented. I will not rush and I will not serve any concrete objective, it’s all about learning.


I will use Java with LibGDX library for the development, as it is a really fast and comfortable library once you’ve learned the basics.

I will share my code on GitHub and I will post here an explanation of the problems I faced, the decisions I made, and the feelings I had. This way, you can track my progress through this feat. Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed!


Quick Guide


You will find here all my posts. You can also use the “RECENT POSTS” widget on the right to get quick access.


An index of all the references I used, by alphabetical order.


Links to my GitHub repository.


Fanart contributions.

Personal note

A special note for the readers willing to know me more deeply. This section will probably mutate into a personal blog in the future.


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