Test Driven Development

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The Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software development technique that uses tests to make the design merge using the Red-Green-Refactor cycle.

How could I illustrate this…

Have you ever use a ‘gap filling’ exercise? They are used in grammar and language learning, and they look like this:

Gap filling exercise

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Indie games IV – Game design

This post is the first part of the talk I gave at IES Alfons III and belongs to this root post.

Now we know the employable tools, it’s time to get into the core. This post will be composed by two parts: Lifecycle and How to make it work.

The former makes a small tour around different steps that a game has, from its conception to its distribution, while the latter explains how to build a place on the market for your game.

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Indie games

Last week I gave a talk about indie games at IES Alfons III in Vall d’Alba. One of its teachers saw my previous talk, where I was speaking about AI. He thought it could be interesting for students to learn about video game development, but he was not sure if they would understand a technical lesson. So we spoke on the phone and arranged a more suitable talk, focused on explaining video games creation and motivating students to choose a related career.

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