How to program a robot to dominate the world

robot_blackHey everybody! Today I attended as speaker to the WTM event in Castellón, and I gave a 30 minutes talk about artificial intelligence and how to implement it in video games using gdxAi.

And so I tought it would be interesting to write the content of that talk in a post. This will allow me to develop an explanation about what AI is, and at the same time I’ll be able to link my sources and embed the recorded talk and the Prezi. Let’s do this!


As mentioned above, I’m using gdxAi for implementation, which it’s an artificial intelligence framework written in Java for game development with LibGDX. Their wiki is a great starting guide, but if you consider yourself a proud programmer, I strongly recommend you to download their code from the github repository and jump into these tests headfirst.



I started writing a single post containing everything, but I thought its enormity would discourage readers, so I divided it in three more affordable posts.

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a machine to solve a problem by itself. This includes a wide range of techniques, but let’s focus on the most common ones (click on the links to read the content):

Autonomous movement

Decision making



The talk

Here’s the video for the talk:

Kindly recorded and edited by the staff from decharlas.

The presentation used for the talk is available on Prezi, there’s an English and a Spanish version of it.



I’ve used a lot of external references on the posts above, mainly obtained from the gdxAi wiki. You can also check a list of all the references mentioned on this talk and on the whole blog in the Bibliography page.




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