Personal note

I started this project for the same reason I start most of my ventures: Because I can’t handle boredom.

I love all kind of creativity processes. Before knowing computer science, I used to draw. I started drawing on paper and finished graffitiing. Later, I discovered cosplay and learned to sew. Actually, I won a cosplay contest once. When I emancipated, cooking became a whole new spectrum of possibilities for me. Then, other disciplines came, like origami, writing, home decoration, and crafts in general.

And then I met coding.

Coding is an art. I can express myself with it, both on emotional and technical level.
Some people don’t believe this because “anyone can code”. Indeed, anyone can write code. And also anyone can draw. But not everyone can paint Las Meninas. Not everyone can master a technique or convey an idea.

Edmund McMillen, one of the Super Meat Boy videogame’s creators, transmits a feeling when you realize that Bandage Girl is not the one that Meat Boy loves, but the one that Meat Boy needs, because, well, he has no skin. This is art.

All of us played Super Mario at least once, and none of us has never ever do a single Super Mario tutorial (same for most 80’s arcade games), because you can learn how to play it just playing it. This is art.

When you appreciate someone else’s software architecture, understanding why he did this, and how he solved that, you are connecting with an artist.

It is art in its purest form. So I appeal to all my fellow programmers! Make an effort. Appreciate your work. Do not let anyone use you as coding monkeys, you are artists! Read books, come to events, communicate, teach! And do never lose your passion. ^^

BTW, I recently started sharing my handcrafts on Pinterest 🙂




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