The Agile Breakfast

Do you know which is the best way to start the day? It’s a fact: A good day starts with a good breakfast. Don’t you agree?

This is the reason why every Tuesday morning we, people from Devscola, buy a bunch of food full of sugar and saturated fats and eat it while making what we like most: Coding. And this nutritional heresy received the name of Katayuno.

Katayuno is a combination of the words ‘Code Kata’ and ‘Desayuno‘. It is an event during which we sharpen our programming skills using code katas and Agile and XP methodologies, like pairing, TDD and code reviews.

But, what does ‘Agile’ and ‘XP’ refer to?

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Test Driven Development

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The Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software development technique that uses tests to make the design merge using the Red-Green-Refactor cycle.

How could I illustrate this…

Have you ever use a ‘gap filling’ exercise? They are used in grammar and language learning, and they look like this:

Gap filling exercise

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