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Last week I gave a talk about indie games at IES Alfons III in Vall d’Alba. One of its teachers saw my previous talk, where I was speaking about AI. He thought it could be interesting for students to learn about video game development, but he was not sure if they would understand a technical lesson. So we spoke on the phone and arranged a more suitable talk, focused on explaining video games creation and motivating students to choose a related career.

After that phone call I made a little draft about the topics that should be treated and then I brought that draft to a Hacknight. Some people joined and helped me with the construction of a Trello where four block of subjects were identified:

  • History of videogames. read
  • Definition of indie (in games). read

Then, I developed the content for each point. I got the information from documentaries, gaming web-sites and wikipedia, but the most valuable content came from the anecdotes people know and told me. The history of video games and the indie development is full of anecdotes, and those became, no joke, the clue to connect with my young audience and to keep their attention.

After the research, I designed my Prezi to be visual and funny. You can see it here, but it doesn’t make much sense if it is not combined with the speech. So I recommend you to read the related posts while watching the slides.

You should start reading here, or click in the links above to read the related posts.

Here’s the video of the talk:



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