AI in games III – Pathfinding

This post is the third part of the talk I gave on the WTM and belongs to this root post.

We call pathfinding to the process by which the machine calculates the shortest or fastest path from its position to the position of its target.

Pathfinding sits on the border between Autonomous Movement and Decision Making, because usually we first decide where we want to go, then pathfinder works out how to get there, and finally we move to the goal using a movement control system.

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Artificial Intelligence IV – Pathfinding

Today I’ll write about Pathfinding. Pathfinding is the plotting of the shortest route between two points. Applied to videogames, it is a process through which the AI calculates the most suitable route to get from a starting point to the goal, even across mazes.

gdxAi provides an API for this feature, the (obviously) named Pathfinding API. While steering behaviors were the best option to pursue dynamic targets, pathing is optimized to pursue static targets. Thus, I implemented it on the kitten’s movement towards a waypoint.

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Artificial Intelligence I – Arrive behavior

Hello everynyan! Was summer vacation long enough? Did you enjoy any relevant videogame or anime series? Please, let me know!

Here, summer was full of great experiences. We organized another meeting with our World of Warcraft guild and it was as funny as always! Also I joined my family for a few days, which is important because they live 500 Km. away from me.

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