Artificial Intelligence I – Arrive behavior

Hello everynyan! Was summer vacation long enough? Did you enjoy any relevant videogame or anime series? Please, let me know!

Here, summer was full of great experiences. We organized another meeting with our World of Warcraft guild and it was as funny as always! Also I joined my family for a few days, which is important because they live 500 Km. away from me.

Back to work, I started playing around with the awesome gdxAI, so today I’ll talk about Artificial Intelligence! Doesn’t it sound good? 🙂 Continue reading “Artificial Intelligence I – Arrive behavior”

Game Physics

In this third step I achieve kitten’s movement. I had to dust off my physics and mathematics schoolbooks and used tons of scratch paper where kittens became arrows, numbers and strange Greek symbols. It was kind of bleak until I saw the real kitten romping around through the screen. At that moment I smiled and added six more kittens and light projecting functionality just for fun.

Continue reading “Game Physics”

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